In these challenging times of uncertainty in 2018, transformational leadership is the best answer to help businesses navigate through competitive and shrinking markets. Businesses with transformational leaders demonstrate higher level s of performance and employee satisfaction. This 2-Day workshop combines some well-known and accepted management skills under the leadership of a visionary manager to revitalize or re-invent the workplace.


  • Motivate employees without using formal authority

  •  Adapt leadership style to meet the needs of employees

  •  Handle and manage ’difficult’ colleagues in the organization and get what you want

  •  Coach and mentor employees

  •  Effectively promote change in the organization

  •  Breach resistance to change

  •  Persuade peers and get their buy-in to a new idea they might find little appealing

  •  Use the I-GROW Model to improve performance

  •  Develop effective, clear and inspiring leadership communication

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