Organisations today, not only look beyond traditional strategies for management development and talent recruitment of leaders capable of moving the organisation forward, but who are people-centric, as well as customer-focused.

Transformational leadership goes beyond managing day-to-day operations, strategies crafting, and moving work teams towards the next level of performance and success. The leadership style focuses on teambuilding, motivation and collaboration of employees at different levels of an organisation to accomplish greater change.

Transformational leaders are optimistic, value-based, inspirational and exemplary walk-the-talk mentors. They demonstrate genuine concern for the needs and feelings of followers. Transformational leaders challenge followers to become innovative and creative. They set goals and incentives to push their subordinates to higher performance levels.

At the same time, deploy motivational strategies and techniques to boost employee performance, or accomplish internal change. This concept is polar opposites to transactional leadership more concerned with maintaining the flow of operations using disciplinary or authoritarian power, plus an array of incentives to motivate employees to perform at their best.


  • Leadership is not about position but influence

  • People are hungry to learn, seek recognition and a place in the organisational vision and mission

  • Understand leadership dimensions, expectations, imperatives and processes of great leadership

  • Appreciate people and customers from the eyes and heart of an empathic leader

  • Understand impact of motivation on social influence and overall team performance

  • Understand how thinking, communication, interpersonal skills and empathy affect buy-ins

  • Learn to deal with hidden vulnerabilities of leadership and emotional quotient issues

  • Raise awareness on ethical standards and value-based leadership concepts

  • Emphasise intrinsic motivation and positive development of followers

  • Encourage followers to look beyond self-interests to the common good

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