The objective of most time management companies is to train you on how to use “their” calendar system. Although learning the tips on using a planner or calendar are important, the overriding objective is to find ways to create more value for yourself and your team in both your professional and personal lives.

This Time Management training course can help you manage your time effectively, overcome procrastination, improve your concentration, deal regular distractions and prioritize tasks. At the end of this training, you will be able to do more work in lesser time, find balance in your life, get on top of your to-do list and feel better about your day.


  • Explore Time Management Issues

  • Plan and Prioritise Work

  • Setting SMART Goals

  • Minimize Wasted Time

  • Distractions in the Workplace

  • Avoid Being Deflected

  • Getting Your Priorities Right

  • Self-Motivation

  • Unexpected Time Stealers

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Effective Delegation

  • How to Say ‘No’

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