Your sales staff is under pressure everyday to outperform the competition and bring home the sales that will boost your bottom line. One of the best weapons you can put in their arsenal is the ability to deliver memorable and highly effective sales presentations that will set your products and services apart from the rest of the field and gain the confidence of your customers.

The objective of our two-day 4 P’s Presentation workshop is to increase the presentation skills of your sales staff when persuading, educating, or informing any audience. Specifically, this workshop focuses on teaching participants methods of professional business communications including preparation, structure, delivery, strategy, using visual aids, and handling question and answer sessions. Participants practice by preparing and delivering a real-life business presentation. Ideally, they will be delivering this presentation within 90 days of the workshop. Participants will be videotaped ten times, followed by one-on-one coaching sessions from our experienced sales presentation trainers. This multi-approach system allows your sales people to evaluate their progress and alter any distracting behaviors.


  • Present technical information in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner

  • Enhance voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency

  • Enhance body language, eye contact, and gesturing

  • Determine audience attitudes and needs and overcome nervousness

  • Identify and handled various types of audience questions

  • Project control and confidence through delivery skills

  • Plan presentation around the market forces that affect business presentations

  • Structure a presentation to gain maximum effect and overcome negative or distracting mannerisms

  • Set up a specific action plan to improve image through presentations skills and practice

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