The telephone is an important tool of communication – be it for business or for personal matters. In this modern world, it seems people from all walks of life knows and uses the telephone, whether it is the mobile ones or the standard desktop units. And with modernization, the proper ethics of using and communicating over the telephone is fast eroding, especially with the advent of technology.

With short text messages fast taking over the standard voice communication, people are slowly forgetting to use the telephone professionally. Yet organizations today still need to rely on the “old fashion” way of transacting businesses over the telephone, more so for organization in the media industry.  In fact, how these organizations handle their telephone calls reflect the professionalism of the organization.  Personnel from all levels of such an organization have to handle the telephone during their workday.

Being up-to-date with technology should not be at the expense of this personal, human touch!  It is with this concern in mind that training programs on telephone skills are continuously being organized and conducted.        


  • To treat the telephone as an important tool of their job;

  • The importance of being professional in handling all types of telephone calls;

  • How to take and relay accurate telephone messages;

  • How to screen and authenticate calls over the telephone;

  • When & how to route telephone calls efficiently;

  • To prioritize outgoing calls for effectiveness and efficiency;

  • To remain professional in all situation.

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