Well written reports result in cost and time savings as both technical and non-technical readers can quickly get actionable information from a single report.  Decision makers and other readers can rapidly understand the ultimate benefits from a successful implementation of report recommendations, as well as the strategic and operational considerations that led to those recommendations in the first place.

Connect to readers by empathizing with their needs
Improve decision making by understanding the context of making recommendations
Save time by focusing on the implication and consequences of high impact alternatives


  • Identify information required by decision makers & readers

  • Help readers & decision makers find information by using structured report components

  • Justify recommendations by critical analysis of recommended solutions

  • Understand what each individual report component is intended to achieve

  • Appreciate how the individual components integrate with one another to achieve the ultimate report objectives or goals.

  • Craft reports that convey clearly to readers what the report was intended to achieve, what was discovered, and what needs to be done.

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