This stress management workshop covers a range of required soft skills to master the art of productivity. Topics include time management, people skills, exercises, motivation, diet, influence techniques, mentality and assertiveness. This workshop is full of exercises which are presented after each topic is explored. A great emphasis has been placed on changing the mentality of a stressed person which is usually the main source of the misery being experienced.In today’s world, we experience a lot of demand for our time, inputs and contributions to the organisation we work for and the society at large. Such demands are increasing as world is getting more complex and real-time due to all the technological progresses and this can inevitably lead to more stress.

As a result, managing stress is a critical skill that you must master and pay more attention to as we advance more into the future. Stress management is about increasing productivity and operating at peak performance. With the right level of stress, you can achieve as much as you are capable of, not to mention a higher chance of enjoying what you do when you are at it.


  • Recognize the factors that lead to stress

  • Assess personal stress level

  • Learn self-assessment methods for gauging stress

  • Apply appropriate stress management techniques

  • Adopt lifestyle changes for stress prevention

  • Practice  exercises to reduce tension and anxiety

  • To support individuals through a process of self-evaluation an improvement

  • Recognize that stress is a positive, unavoidable part of everybody’s life

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