This course is designed for all professionals working in operational or project environments dealing with stakeholders albeit internal or external. Stakeholders are paramount to the success in an organization. However, at the same time, communicating and working with stakeholders to understand, align and meet their expectations are very challenging and demands a structured and systemic approach towards managing their expectations.

It is also assumed that these professionals may have a lot of work experience and familiarity working with stakeholders both internal and external. Even with this experience misunderstanding, misalignment and miscommunication is bound to happen as this is the very essence of working with the human dimension.

Therefore, the main purpose of this course is to provide a structured awareness, understanding and approaches to these working professionals regarding proper management principles, concepts and best practices in managing stakeholder expectations and how these work in tandem with the performing organization and project environments so that effectiveness and value could be increased and achieved such as satisfaction and meeting expectations.


  • Understand the definition of Stakeholders and Stakeholder Management and be able to differentiate from Functional Management.

  • Be aware and appreciate organizational issues and structures specifically how they affect/impact stakeholder management.

  • Understand the importance to plan stakeholder management and be able to conduct proper stakeholder identification and execute appropriate stakeholder analysis/observations.

  • Be able to understand and conduct proper stakeholder engagement management and developing appropriate strategies.

  • Appreciate the need for continuously controlling stakeholder engagement by periodically evaluating stakeholder engagement management strategies.

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