Setting KPIs & Managing Performance Appraisals


This programme is designed to address two important areas of management for productivity and growth.

The first area is the setting of KPIs and the second area is the managing of performance appraisal.

This programme is a practical workshop where participants will be guided through a step-by-step process to help them identify and set their KPIs for themselves and their team members so that productivity and growth of the companies can be tracked, measured and achieved. Participants will learn that the setting of KPIs is not an isolated activity of simple benchmarking but is in fact a practice of a holistic approach for the whole company. Setting KPIs takes into consideration the vision, mission and the strategy of a company to get where it wants to go and what it must achieve to get there. Participants will also learn to design and manage performance appraisal.


  • Gain a quick overview of the characteristics of key performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Understand how key result indicators, performance indicators and KPIs fit together

  • Identify the “why” in the question; “…of all the measures you could have chosen why did you choose these?”

  • Articulate the importance of KPI measurement and target setting

  • Articulate the difference between the 3 types of performance measures (result indicators, performance indicators and key performance indicators)

  • Decide which key performance indicators to measure

  • Choose and use key performance indicators for respective departments

  • Develop employee performance appraisal plan

  • How to obtain feedback during the performance year

  • Develop employees

  • Rate and appraise the performance of employees

  • Recommend appropriate actions and rewards based on performance

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