Root Cause Analysis is a method that is used to address a problem or non-conformance, in order to get to the “root cause” of the problem. It is used so we can correct or eliminate the cause and prevent the problem from recurring.

The 7 QC Tools are simple statistic tools used for problem solving and can be used to resolve 95% of all problems. These tools have been the foundation of Japan’s astonishing industrial resurgence after the Second World War.

The Deming’s Cycle (PDCA) is a four-step model for carrying out cause and effect analysis. Just as a circle has no end, the PDCA cycle should be repeated again and again for continuous improvement.

Combining the Deming Cycle and 7 QC Tools, it provides a process and tools to drive continuous improvement in both manufacturing and office environment to reduce defects.


  • Understand the concept, definition and process of the root cause analysis methodology.

  •  Uncover the real root causes of problems faced in your daily operations and enable fact-based decision-making.

  •  Understand and differentiate the different types of causes within a problem.

  •  Effectively applying the appropriate tools in the process of root causes analysis.

  •  Understand and the segregation of the different levels of causes within a problem.

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