• Do you experience having to tackle the same problems that were recurring years after years?

  • Are you faced with a dead-end problem where you felt there was no solution that you may as well give up and forget about it?

  • Do you find that you are spending more than necessarily time to solve the problem?

Problem solving is a mental process and is part of a larger problem process that includes problem finding and problem shaping. Often people are not able to solve the problem as they have not truly understood and define the real issue or not knowing the appropriate method to approach the issue.

Our problem solving techniques is based on the conceptual model known as the interacting 4P’s model: People, Process, Product and Place (work environment), that provides a good overall framework to understand the key factors that affect organizational creativity. We emphasize using only the objects available within the problem and its immediate environment together with “Box Breaking” mental tools to generate amazing simple and effective solution that is truly creative!

This program aims to fulfil the ultimate goal of problem solving: finding a simple and effective solution that can be implemented quickly and cheaply.


  • Develop problem solving skill to solve problem effectively and confidently;

  • Develop creativity skill to solve problem creatively and flexibly;

  • Discover how problem solving process works and use it to solve everyday business challenges;

  • Apply problem solving process to systematically analyze situations and formulate action plans;

  • Apply creative techniques to generate alternative solutions; and

  • Understand decision making process and make positive business decisions.

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