Communication skills are critical when presenting a new idea to top management, a new strategy to colleagues and staff or launching a new program to customers and clients. The acceptance or rejection of the idea rests heavily on the influencing ability of the speaker. A good idea may not get implemented due to lack of communication skills. When a company representative is able to speak well and confidently in front of an audience, he gains credibility and so does the company.

The objective of our two-day 4 P’s Presentation workshop is to increase the presentation skills of your sales staff when persuading, educating, or informing any audience. Specifically, this workshop focuses on teaching participants methods of professional business communications including preparation, structure, delivery, strategy, using visual aids, and handling question and answer sessions. Participants practice by preparing and delivering a real-life business presentation. Ideally, they will be delivering this presentation within 90 days of the workshop. Participants will be videotaped ten times, followed by one-on-one coaching sessions from our experienced sales presentation trainers. This multi-approach system allows your sales people to evaluate their progress and alter any distracting behaviors.

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