In today’s global business arena, English is the “official” business communication. Our ability to write in English is vital in determining our success in conducting business.

An ongoing challenge in today’s fast paced business world is to write clearly and effectively to all our business associates, internally and externally. Any misunderstanding or conflict that arises can lead to poor morale, low productivity and even loss of business. This will ultimately affect our company image and profit margins.

Writing is a key aspect of business communication. It is a major skill in our business management and conduct. It is also a very powerful image projection of the individual and the company.

Learning powerful tools in business writing communication will help company managers and professionals be more equipped to deliver a more power-packed performance for the company.


  • Have an overall understanding of the role of written communications in the world of business

  • Plan their business writing as a means of effective communication

  • Structure their business writing to flow smoothly

  • Write effective messages to portray a professional image

  • Use appropriate tone and style in business writing

  • What are the key requirements of good writing;

  • How to write in a clear and concise style;

  • More knowledgeable on grammar and structure of writing;

  • To apply basic formats to everyday communication;

  • How to project the right image,

  • And choose suitable language best suited to the receiver in all forms of writing.

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