Portfolio Management Key Concepts


This course is designed specifically for project management professionals and those involved in portfolio management. The assumption made here is that project management professionals here could mean experienced project managers, PMO and experienced project leads project team members with minimum 10 years project experience. Those involved in portfolio management could mean non-certified portfolio managers or senior level management positions. These professionals work with project stakeholders in a project and business environment. It is also assumed that these professionals may have a lot of experience in project and program management principles or practices as they may be working in project, program and business environments for a many years.

Therefore, the main purpose of this course is to provide a structured detailed working understanding to these professionals regarding internationally recognized good portfolio management principles, key concepts and best practices and how these work in tandem with the performing organization and project teams to maximize business strategic value. Course content is based on the internationally recognized Standard for Portfolio Management by PMI (Project Management Institute).


  1. Understand the definition of portfolio management and introduction to portfolio management in alignment with the Standards for Portfolio Management by PMI.

  2. Have a functional understanding of portfolio management overview and organization and its strategic alignment/value to the performing organization.

  3. Have a more detailed functional familiarity of the 5 portfolio management domains according to PMIs Standards for Portfolio Management.


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