“The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials”

In today’s competitive market, it is absolutely essential to systematically manage the performance of employees to make them as motivated and productive as possible.

To create a productive atmosphere, an organisation simply needs to respond to the needs of its staff. Periodic appraisals, constructive coaching sessions and understating what motivates employees and aligning it with organisation’s objectives is the essence of an effective people management system.

In this course, participants learn how to perform the role of a manager who needs to interact with employees, co-workers, team member or others to provide feedback to them.

This course prepares them to provide continuous and periodic feedback to their team. Continuous feedback is provided through regular coaching and mentoring sessions while periodic feedback is provided through appraisal meetings. Participants learn how to ask the right questions, help others to set goals and targets, how to motivate them, how to deliver difficult messages and in short how to help them to increase their productivity.

The course is divided into various distinct sessions where participants learn the specific skills and get to practice each skill in carefully designed exercises.


  • Setup an appropriate people management system based on modern principles and methodologies

  • Set efficient objectives that lead to productivity and follow guidelines on how to continuously manage performance

  • Hold a constructive appraisal meeting that helps to motivate the appraisee and maximise information transfer

  • Use appropriate reward and ranking systems that increase appraisees’ motivation and guide them towards the right direction

  • Use the GROW model to coach, question and guide a coachee

  • Motivate individuals, reduce apathy and increase their confidence in themselves to achieve more than ever before

  • Deliver your potentially negative message and get a good response

  • Use an effective technique to reinforce the behaviour of others in the direction of your choice

  • Apply a powerful method that lets people to discover other people’s true opinion about themselves

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