Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) for Sales Closing


Sales are the lifeline of any organization. While the support teams are crucial in the operations and running of the business unit, it is revenue that will ultimately determine the growth, expansion and success of the company.

Management experts cannot stop emphasizing on the importance of the sales team and its development. The question is, in the highly competitive world that we are in, how do we equip our sales people with the best techniques and strategies to outbid, outlast and outperform your competitors?

People buy people first, products and services second. Isn’t it true that when we like a person, when we feel a connection with the salesperson, anything he or she says just makes sense? We like to buy from sales people who treat us like friends, who service us like friends. The truth is, if closing the sale is the goal, then building the relationship is the journey. This high-impact training is all about helping you to build that relationship!

Using cutting-edge psychological techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), participants will be introduced to success principles and strategies used effectively by world class communicators and influencers. On top of being equipped with the right mindset to develop better relationship with clients, your sales people will also learn success principles to fortify their attitude, so that despite the adversities that they face – economy, rejection, and tough clients – they will be able to stay true to their goals and seal the deal.

Practical applications will also be introduced that participants can add to their daily interaction with their prospects. Learn how to use gestures and body language convincingly, utilizing the right words for the best effect, and picking up the “buying” signals from the prospects. At the end of the workshop, expect to be equipped with the mindset and skillset to create that quantum leap in sales!


  • Lead a sale without being pushy

  • Use the right mental attitude to better handle adversities, challenges, rejections and objections.

  • Discover the basic psychological needs of buyers to sell more effectively.

  • Effectively plan your time and resources to maximise productivity.

  • Enhance confidence with powerful success principles.

  • Improve creativity and get out-of-the box ideas to impress and impact the clients.

  • Identify the psyche and buying styles of your prospects and plan your selling strategies effectively.

  • Acquire a variety of closing techniques with hypnotic linguistics.

  • Create an impactful experience for your prospect that will leave a lasting impression.

  • Acquire practical skills to read and interpret body language.

  • Develop the art of using the right questions techniques that lead to the close time and time again.

  • Help customersfeel good about their buying decisions.

  • Delight and create raving fans amongst your customers for referrals.

  • Effectively use your body gestures to your advantage.

  • Increase the effectiveness of your presentations by using the right words strategically.

  • Be equipped with instant rapport techniques to quickly create a connection with anyone.

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