negotiation to win


In the competitive world of business of many wants and needs that limited supply of goods and constraint of resources   cannot meet, everyone is under tremendous pressure to get the best possible resources and win the best possible deals for themselves. Buyers and sellers at the forefront of the business negotiations — all face increasing pressure to achieve more with less in a pressurized environment. 

This workshop is designed to identify negotiation situations and describe a range of negotiating and sales techniques that you can use. The workshop would also explain and show you how to use selected techniques and tactics to help you achieve your key objectives.


  • Understand and manage the negotiation process

  • Choose your negotiating style to suit the context and the negotiation situation you are in

  • Excel in face to face meetings

  • Optimize preparations for negotiations

  • Adopt the most appropriate behaviour in negotiation situation

  • Master negotiation tactics that work in the real world

  • Use persuasiveness and  influence tactics in negotiation

  • Promote and build instant rapport with the other party(ies)

  • Ensure you do not lose out in negotiation or get ‘steamrolled’ by pressure tactics

  • Get what you want without generating bad feelings

  • Turn objections into agreements

  • Master key negotiation techniques required for business success

  • Develop listening and questioning skills

  • Learn to read body gestures during negotiations and understand intercultural environment

  • Use body gestures to impact on negotiation styles

  • Practise tactics to prevent and break deadlocks

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