Negotiation Skills in Project Environment


Negotiation skills are learned throughout our lives. As a child we learn ways to get our parent’s attention. We “negotiate” our way to get what we want verbally or through our body language. We grew up learning and often the hard way realising that the work environment is somehow quite different, wider in scope, poses more challenges, subtle and unforgiving. 

Communication skill is a foundational skill for managing people. It includes negotiation skills, one aspect that many found great difficulty applying and challenging while others make it seems so easy. Negotiation skills can be learned from strategic thinking, forethought and honed through constant practice to become an art with much improved outcome.

Leaders know good negotiation skills at the work place plays a significant role in making the work environment conducive, friendly and promotes cooperation that results in synergy that are often overlooked. Such synergies translate into profitable outcomes through lower cost of procurement and higher margins from marketing and sales.  

Negotiation is more effective when we are persuasive, well prepared, long before we set out to engage the third party. It requires forethought, good background work and proper understanding of human behaviour so that our approach can be strategic and decisive at appropriate moments.

Success in negotiation entail clear negotiation objectives, identifying the challenges to expect and the negotiation stance to adopt in the given context and situation. Appropriate preparation and observing the rules of negotiation help us stay one step ahead.


  • Identifying what the trainees need to know

  • Identify what they don’t know so they can work on them

  • Apply and relate knowledge learnt to their work place

  • Exposed participants to the soft-skills needed to succeed in negotiation

  • Be familiar with and use of the synergistic index and principles of reciprocity to enhance negotiation success

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