Minutes Taking Skills


Effective minute-taking will enable your business units to solve many problems and complaints associated with running meetings. In the hands of a competent minute-taker, the following skills will enable managers and staff to effectively action efficiently recorded meeting items.

Whether they are in person, online, or via a conference call, meetings are a necessary part of the day-to-day operations of most businesses. Meeting minutes serve as an official record of the event, and you have the critical role of creating them and ensuring that they are accurate.


  • Identified all the actions needed to prepare and set up a meeting effectively, to ensure maximum attendance

  • Learnt how to write and issue meeting agendas and convening notices

  • Worked with the chairman during the meeting, and obtained his/her help with their minute taking

  • Discussed how to behave confidently and assertively as a key person at meetings

  • Obtained clarification and identified the decisions of the meeting

  • Taken accurate notes during a meeting and converted them into effective minutes

  • Demonstrate what makes good meeting minutes and the need for accuracy of reporting

  • Explain the planning of an agenda and the preparation required

  • Apply practical tips and useful words for producing accurate meeting minutes

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