Millennial Leadership


Leadership is a very well researched area and until today, people are still fascinated with research on leadership. Leadership skills are dynamic. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to leading and inspiring those who work with us and those around us. Although the tools and techniques that are used in motivating and leading people might differ, the essential requirements in leadership are consistent: namely, leaders must have vision, resolution and integrity. Leaders must have good communication skills too.


  • Be aware of the skills set you need to develop so as to become an effective and inspiring leader

  • Conceptualise a vision and develop an action plan to achieve it

  • Solve problems creatively with the resources you have at hand

  • Adopt and apply Situational leadership style

  • Communicate effectively to win the goodwill and cooperation from the people you work with

  • Mentor or coach your colleagues, team mates and downlines

  • Develop your EQ, win friends and manage stress

  • Lead and manage change while overcoming conflicts

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