Managing Key Performance Indicator (KPI)


“What we cannot measure, we cannot improve” is the theme of this proposal, which comprised of training and consultation sessions, which will not only meet but more importantly will exceed your training expectations.  We need to have “the right people doing the right things at the right time and continue to give the right results” so that we can “do the right things, rightly the first time every time”.

The principle idea behind this program is to provide insights and some form of appreciation towards some of the finer elements that contribute towards process driven quality culture and achieving overall organisational effectiveness.

This program will attempt to put all the management pieces together to form an integrated network of all the work processes and to determine the performance indicators of each vital work processes.

This program will also provide consultation sessions to build and document processes effectively that would enable the organisation not only deploy their business endeavours effectively but could also deploy Process Key Performance Indicator and Key Results into respective business processes and thus translated into team and individual performance ratings and measures.

This proposal will recommend an implementation schedule for considerations as a possible implementation plan.

Some of the topics that will discussed in this program are: The Need for Process Driven Work Systems, Why Do We Need to Measure, The Process Road Map, Designing Processes and Determining and Measuring Process Key Performance Indicator (KPI).


  • Define KPI and its relevance to the participants’ areas of responsibility
  • Set expectations and work together to improve performance
  • Assess and review performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance awareness of obstacles to success and take actions to overcome them
  • Contribute to organizational objectives
  • Conduct appraisal fairly, objectively, transparently and without favoritism
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