Logical thinking process is a structured way to move from an ill-defined system level problem to a fully implemented solution. It is an important element in any organisation where people works together to implement any projects, they’re bound to face certain problems in course of it. Problems or situations that involve logical thinking call for structure, for connections between facts, and for chains of reasoning that “make sense.”

One of the key tool is Theory of Constraints (TOC) Thinking Processes and they are integrated problem-solving tools based on rigorous cause-and-effect logic. They enable us to create breakthrough solutions by identifying, challenging and correcting unexamined assumptions. When we are serious about on-going improvement, they help answer fundamental questions such as:

“What To Change?”

“What To Change To?”

“How To Cause The Change?”

This experiential approach to logical thinking is specifically developed by experts and specialists to help corporate management anticipate prepare and embrace peak performance at the workplace by applying effective techniques and strategies.


  • Identify the focus on strategic, essential issues

  • Learn the structure of logical thinking

  • Acquire knowledge to ask incisive questions

  • Discover breakthrough solutions

  • Enhance positive outlook and cooperation

  • Take proper actions and make better choices and decisions

  • Examine and align with the expectations of the company and the talents

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