Transformational leadership goes beyond managing day-to-day operations, strategies crafting, and moving work teams towards the next level of performance and success. The leadership style focuses on teambuilding, motivation and collaboration of employees at different levels of an organisation to accomplish greater change.

A leader is a person with enough insight, experience and rigor to balance the conflict demands of short and long term results. In a world of fast changing, downsizing, reinventing, business process redesign, the business and corporate leader of today must balance the tremendous demands of managing that change and complexity with work output and productivity.

The program is a powerful fundamental training for participants devoted to achieving extraordinary results in any area they choose through effective self-leadership and empowerment.

This two-day program is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to improve their leadership qualities so that they can more easily get results with or without formal authority. It will help participants to understand themselves and others better, and provide them with specific skills for managing themselves and leading others more effectively.

Leadership Blueprint is the process of encouraging and helping others to work enthusiastically towards objectives. It is the human factor that helps a group identify where it is going and then motivates it towards its goals. Without leadership an organization consists only of a group of uncoordinated people and machines. It is likened to an orchestra without a conductor to lead it.

In this program, the participants will learn to develop their leadership skills which are central to the requirements of today’s environment for the success of the organization. This will in turn help to convert a company’s vision into reality.

This 2-Day workshop combines some well-known and accepted management skills under the leadership of a visionary manager to revitalize or re-invent the workplace.

This two day, workshop aims to provide the participants an in-depth awareness, competencies and strategies in enhancing the leadership and human relations skills.  The workshop has been tailored for newly appointed and future leaders, as well as seasoned leaders who need to add some vitality to their current leadership skills.

By attending this 2 days development program, they will gain insights on the core leadership and management functions thus enhancing their overall effectiveness at the workplace.

This workshop offers effective skills and practical solutions for successful leadership. Detailed programme materials, exercises and a comprehensive action plan at the end of the workshop will maximise participant’s learning and allow them to take full advantage of these newly acquired skills once back at work.

In order to achieve our potential, we first need to have self-confidence and leadership. Then we need to hone all the skills that will help us achieve our goals. We can do better than what we are capable of now, to achieve the best we can and therefore excel. We also begin to set our own benchmarks.

This 2-days training session is customized for assistant managers and managers from the automotive industry.  This training will provide them with a practical awareness, competencies and strategies in enhancing their leadership skills.

Leadership is a very well researched area and until today, people are still fascinated with research on leadership. Leadership skills are dynamic. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to leading and inspiring those who work with us and those around us. Although the tools and techniques that are used in motivating and leading people might differ, the essential requirements in leadership are consistent: namely, leaders must have vision, resolution and integrity. Leaders must have good communication skills too.

There is one certainty in any organisation: change or be changed. At the forefront of this, the first line of defense is a group of people in your organisation who must be good in the basics – supervisory skills. These people may not necessarily be supervisors only, they can be anyone who has subordinates or who needs to work with a group of people (eg,. in a project). The top management sets the vision, and they depend on people who are efficient in the execution. It is always at the execution point that differentiates between the good and bad consequences, outstanding results or a complete disaster.

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