Leadership Skills for Manager


In order to achieve our potential, we first need to have self-confidence and leadership. Then we need to hone all the skills that will help us achieve our goals. We can do better than what we are capable of now, to achieve the best we can and therefore excel. We also begin to set our own benchmarks.
Some questions to ask ourselves at this stage include:Are we really doing our utmost best now?

What else can we do?
What are the skills required of a global leader in the new millennium?
What are the demands and expectations of this leader to lead the team forward in an ever fast-changing world?
How can I draw out the best from my people?
How much am I expected to do? To give? To deliver?


Develop confidence as a principle-centered leader:

  • Lead by role-modeling the values of leadership

  • Educate, coach, counsel, confront and delegate their staff

  • Understand and use their own dominant management style

  • Understand how to develop and handle difficult followers

  • Learn when to delegate or instruct to match to their followers’ need level

  • Create a personal chart to coach and counsel appropriately for each staff

  • Choose success through being proactive and result-oriented

  • Be skilful leaders: knowledgeable, counsels, coaches, encourages, trusts, has confidence in colleagues, cares, open-minded

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