Leadership Development Programme


This 2-days training session is customized for assistant managers and managers from the automotive industry.  This training will provide them with a practical awareness, competencies and strategies in enhancing their leadership skills.

This program focuses on the SLT (Situational Leadership Theory) which was originally developed by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard and provides a practical application framework that could be effectively used at the participants’ workplace. 

Through carefully designed interactive lectures, case studies, action games and reflection sessions, the session will provide all the necessary ingredients to the participants in becoming a charismatic, inspiring and motivating leader at their respective workplace.


  • Understand the fundamentals of various leadership dimensions and its applications at the workplace

  • Lead, manage and motivate their subordinates to achieve the departmental performance objectives

  • Demonstrate excellent leadership qualities and be able to lead and influence peers, and co-workers to met the departmental and organisational goals

  • Identify various leadership styles and select the most appropriate styles based on workplace situations

  • Discharge their roles as an effective leader thus aligning their team’s direction with the corporate vision

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