Leadership Blueprint is the process of encouraging and helping others to work enthusiastically towards objectives. It is the human factor that helps a group identify where it is going and then motivates it towards its goals. Without leadership an organization consists only of a group of uncoordinated people and machines. It is likened to an orchestra without a conductor to lead it. An organization requires leadership to develop and stretch its resources to the maximum.

Leadership Blueprint transforms potential into reality – it gives participants knowledge, skills, tools and techniques that they need to feel more confident, motivated and assured.


  • Introduce participants to the concept of “Leadership differs from Management”

  • Explore the various approaches to understanding Leadership

  • To sharpen the ability of individuals to manage themselves and their subordinates more effectively by developing their skills in self-assessment, problem solving, decision making, communication, creative thinking, conflict management, and motivation.

  • Participants learn emotional competencies of Self awareness, Personal Responsibility and Self Motivation

  • Developing the personal and interpersonal competencies essential for success.

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