Interdepartmental Communication


Communication is one of the organizational functions that helps a company to stay efficient and productive. One of the more important forms of organizational communication is inter-departmental communication. The importance of communication between different departments in an organization becomes most evident when that communication breaks down. Implementing policies to strengthen inter-departmental communication help to underscore its importance and maintain an efficient flow of information.


  • Recognize the importance of interdepartmental communication.

  • Discuss factors and specific behaviours that cause breakdowns in organizational communication.

  • Know each individual’s responsibility in the communication process

  • Appreciate and use various modes of interdepartmental communication tools

  • Discuss the use of appropriate language and the impact on communication.

  • Realize the impact of individual communication styles on others.

  • Learn and practice active listening techniques.

  • Discover how to give and receive feedback.

  • Collaboratively establish interdepartmental guidelines for effective communication.

  • Design an interdepartmental communication strategy to improve and maintain effective communications.

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