• Instruction is given but your staffs do not get you right…

  • Is Yes REALLY a Yes when they nod their heads?

  • Both of you are speaking in English and yet something is missing here!

You are fed-up of giving instructions. They just don’t get it right. Often you doubted their capabilities and wonder would they ever improve. Did it occur to you that the problem lies in communication and not necessarily your staff?

Communication is not about what you said but what you heard. It is not direct but indirect and it does not necessarily result in understanding. Communication alone is a complex process and to communicate influentially is compounded by multiple factors. However, if you know the principles of doing it and not only to communicate effectively but also influentially, you are in control. You could convert a ‘no’ answer into a ‘yes’.

The workshop is highly interactive and fun. We use psychological tools to assist you to discover your potentials, areas of strengths and weaknesses. We impart knowledge on how to capitalize your strengths for maximum benefits and leverage on your weaknesses for improvements.


  • Develop the fundamentals of communication

  • Communicate influentially in clear and unambiguous manner

  • Gain the psychological understanding to influence at the subconscious level

  • Adopt a proactive and positive approach in dealing with negative feedback and responses

  • Develop capabilities to handle difficult questions, overcome misunderstandings and minimize conflicts

  • Turn around critical communication situations into opportunities to build and maintain rapport, trust and achieve results

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