human resource

In this training, participants will gain an overall understanding of human resources administration as it relates to an orgnisation’s goals and strategic objectives. 

This programme is designed to equip participants with the knowledge of human resource practices and its strategic relevance in business. They will understand strategies to manage people and construct workplace arrangements that respond to organisational and human needs.


In this course, participants learn how to perform the role of a manager who needs to interact with employees, co-workers, team member or others to provide feedback to them.


The principle idea behind this program is to provide insights and some form of appreciation towards some of the finer elements that contribute towards process driven quality culture and achieving overall organisational effectiveness. 

This programme is designed to address two important areas of management for productivity and growth.


This 2 day PDPA training course enable delegates to understand the legal requirements of compliance that apply to key areas of their daily working lives. 

This experiential approach to the analysis of DISC personality profile is specifically developed by experts and specialists to help corporate management anticipate prepare and embrace peak performance at the workplace by applying effective techniques and strategies.

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