In today’s fast-paced business world, impressions regarding your competence, intelligence, and reliability are often formed within seconds – based on your appearance. Knowing how to present yourself as effective and confident is as critical as any business skill on your resume. Good manners and the appearance of success are the essence of the professional. However, merely wearing the clothes of a ‘corporate image’ will not get you far. Excellence at the workplace also calls for character, integrity, and a determination to do what is right.


  • Dress appropriately by adhering to professional dress codes according to their status and occasion

  • Identify the right cut & style to suit their stature for a pleasing effect

  • Select tasteful colour combination for harmony and professionalism.

  • Apply the right clothing language to show that they mean business

  • Apply good Business Etiquette & Protocol

  • Cooperate and assist customers, associates and co-workers in their business dealings

  • Communicate with Openness and Courtesy with customers, associates and coworkers

  • Display positive body language

  • Respect and apply new rules of E-Etiquette

  • Handle difficult clients/situation with professionalism

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