Good news, you have been promoted to manager. Are you ready to move higher up the corporate ladder? Do you know that your contribution to the bottom line of your organisation decide whether you could move higher? Do you know how to read the Financial Statements, deciding your pricing of your products and using Budget as your planning and control tools? Get all these questions solved by attending the Finance for Non Finance Managers training.

In this “Finance for Non Finance Managers” workshop, participants will learn to understand how to read Financial Statements and utilize some Management Accounting Tools to increase their knowledge and skills. This highly hands-on and practical mock business will help participants to manage their day to day operations, planning and decision making process.


  • Improve their accounting and financial literacy & vocabulary

  • Understand the basics concept of accounting and and how business transactions are captured

  • Expose to budgeting process and using budget as a planning and control tool

  • Managing cost better and decide on pricing decision especially during resources constraint situation

  • Detect early warning signs of possible projects or business failure

  • Grasp useful Financial & Management Accounting Tools and techniques required for effective decision making.

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