English Mastery


English has been recognized as the official language for business communication worldwide. Executives who work for organizations that transacts with the international market are required to be conversant in the language. What more if they are graduates fresh from college they are expected to be well versed in communicating in English. At the very least, they must be comfortable and confident when communicating in the language.

Malaysians in general can communicate in English. Yet many working adults who faced English speaking colleagues, customers and even English written documents tend to shy away from the language. One main reason is the fear of not being understood and of being laughed at. This resulted in miscommunication, complaints or worst, being left behind in the career progression. Realizing this, many organizations are now recognizing the importance of enhancing the language flair of their executives as they prepare to face the borderless global market.


  • Learn the proper and acceptable pronunciation of English words in the local and international context – intonation, word stresses, sounds etc;

  • Identify what makes up a speech, whether oral or written such as noun, verb and pronoun with focus on oral communication;

  • Develop the skills to skim through and summarize any printed materials to capture and use the main ideas in their work;

  • Sharpen their listening skills to enable them to understand and respond to all customers accordingly, including with the proper intonation and body language;

  • Improve their overall oral (speaking) skills to blend in any situation be it a social or professional situation;

  • Find that communicating in English is fun, is not overwhelming and is a breeze to use in their daily tasks.

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