English Communication


This basic level workshop is designed to be very hands-on and highly participative; participants will be exposed to the basics of English communication. They will be guided on the generally acceptable pronunciation of English words relevant to their work, and the different ways of presenting their ideas across.  They will also realize by the end of the program that English is fun and easy language to master!

Case studies and exercises will be customized to the organization’s and participants needs, and presented in a casual manner seeing that this is a basic level learning. More importantly, the participants get to practise and implement immediately what they acquire in class to their work place.


  • Identify what makes up a speech such as noun, pronoun, verb and adverb, with focus on oral presentation;

  • Learn the acceptable pronunciation of commonly used English words in the local context for their use – intonation, word stresses, sounds, subject-verb agreement, etc;

  • Sharpen listening skills to enable them to understand and respond accordingly, including with the proper intonation and body language;

  • Improve their overall oral skills to blend in any situation be it a social or professional situation;

  • Develop the fundamentals of communicating in English and putting them to use on a daily basis;

  • Find that communicating in English is fun, is not overwhelming and is a breeze to use in their daily tasks;

  • Be driven to continually improve their communication skills in English.

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