Effective Leadership and Interpersonal Skills


This two day, workshop aims to provide the participants an in-depth awareness, competencies and strategies in enhancing the leadership and human relations skills.  The workshop has been tailored for newly appointed and future leaders, as well as seasoned leaders who need to add some vitality to their current leadership skills. 

Through carefully designed lectures, leadership action games and other activities, the workshop aims to provide all the necessary ingredients to the participants in becoming a charismatic, inspiring, motivating and excellent leader at their respective workplace.


  • Understand the dynamics of effective, charismatic and excellent leadership

  • Demonstrate excellent leadership qualities and be able to lead and influence peers, and co-workers to met the departmental and organizational goals

  • Identify various leadership styles and select the most appropriate styles based on workplace situations

  • Understand the essentials of successful human relations at workplace

  • Master excellent human relations skills as a leader and be able to relate with people

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