This session is designed to help participants collect debt and prosper through targeted skills and dialogue. The activities are easy to participate in and quick at generating meaningful discussions and skills improvement among participants. Each activity allows for a thorough examination of performance and formulation of effective strategies to create a true culture of profitable collection.


  • Plan and Structure  collection calls more effectively

  • Understand the elements of consultative communication and improve skills in this area

  • Discover opportunities to guide customers towards   suitable payment arrangements

  • Improve probing and listening skills

  • Make a conscious effort to understand the customer’s environment in order to convince and create impact

  • Be genuinely interested in the customer’s questions and remarks in order to continue fruitful 2-way communication for longer periods of time

  • Collect better using empathy

  • Recognize each customer’s unique telephone personality and adjust accordingly

  • Be smart about collection signals but practice patience in the voice tone

  • Understand various types of probing questions and be able to apply suitable questions according to the flow e.g. fact finding questions, leading, requesting for payment etc.

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