Customer Service

This programme introduces the concepts of customer service, and then delves into effective customer service techniques and practices. Participants also learn powerful skills and strategies to handle customer complaints in writing and on the phone.

This program covers the fundamental of the customer service skills in person or over the phone. Participants will learn the techniques for improving their relationship with their new and existing customers; internal and external customers, the importance of professional image, service standard, handling challenging customers, service recovery as well as stress management. The program is developed in a fun paced setting, with collaborative activities to instill and embed the learning experience of the participants.

The telephone is an important tool of communication – be it for business or for personal matters. In this modern world, it seems people from all walks of life knows and uses the telephone, whether it is the mobile ones or the standard desktop units. And with modernization, the proper ethics of using and communicating over the telephone is fast eroding, especially with the advent of technology.

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