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Excellent customer service is of vital importance for all businesses, large and small. It has direct impact on customer experience and customer loyalty. When we provide customers with a pleasurable buying or service experience, we have a better chance to ensure that they will continue to patronize our business.

In our business, we all love customers from Heaven. Unfortunately, we also get customers from Hell!

In a service industry, we inevitably face difficult customers and difficult situations with customers. Angry, complaining and demanding customers are basically expressing that their expectations are not met.

The ability to handle customer conflict and angry customers is critical to any organisation. In today’s instant social media environment, dissatisfied customers can easily create a negative image of our organisation and even damage our reputation. 

All staff who deal with customers need to help restore customer confidence, and to turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction so that customers can continue to be our vocal ambassadors.      

This program introduces the concepts of customer service, and then delves into effective customer service techniques and practices. Participants also learn powerful skills and strategies to handle customer complaints in writing and on the phone.


  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the key aspects of customer service

  • Examine what causes people to complain

  • Learn questioning and listening skills to resolve issues

  • Practise effective strategies in dealing with customers

  • Apply customer service techniques in telephone situations with customers

  • Become confident in handling enquiries and complaints

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