Lack of critical/analytical thinking skills and lack thereof in their major application area, i.e. problem solving, is one of the greatest detriments to success in business today. A solution that’s implemented without a thorough problem definition, understanding of organizational objectives, review of alternative solutions, assessment of the likelihood of their success, and preparation for the obstacles that may impede it is as likely to fail as to succeed. Many a problem solving session has also been derailed by the desire to quickly agree with each other, leading to dangerous “group think”. It need not be this way. Today, problem solving is more of a science than an art, and it can be learned.

This course provides a step by step process for problem solving in a group or individually and gives guidelines for tackling each step. Tools for determining problem causes, evaluating selected alternatives, narrowing to one proposed solution, implementing a pilot program, and generating creative ideas will be covered. Upon course completion, you will have learned a set of proven skills, strategies, techniques, and tools to sharpen your thinking and improve your problem solving ability.


  • Describe the basic thinking process and list the steps

  • Explain the concept of analytical/critical thinking

  • List the characteristics of analytical/critical thinkers

  • Apply the analytical/critical thinking steps

  • List and describe the major components of analytical/critical thinking and their context of applications

  • Solve problems and make decisions by applying the analytical/critical thinking problem solving model

  • Enhance their analytical/critical thinking skills according to the six steps approach

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