More than often, we find ourselves stuck on a problem because our focus or sphere of thinking is narrow. When you think specifically, you limit your memory functions and stifle creativity. There is a need to learn abstract or big picture thinking. Deploying outside-the-box thinking helps deduce essence of the problem, paving avenues to solve similar problems in radically different ways.

Creative thinking helps create paths to free your memory in order to retrieve more information, making that elusive “aha” moment possible to achieve. By redefining the problem, you’re much more likely to find abundance of inspiration and imagination for a truly innovative venture.

Creativity helps us progress from our current situation to a desired future state. Creative problem solving skills are pertinent in achieving exceptional job performances. The net worth of today’s work nation depends largely on their thinking and problem solving abilities. Creative problem solving processes differ from routine problem solving. Routine problem solving deploys pre-established methods for solving problems, but with creative problem solving, any pre-established method for solving the problem is either unknown or not used. Creative problem solving involves a hunt for robust multitude of new solutions, while routine problem solving uses traditional blockbusters that are less versatile.


  • Accept the fact people are different and adopt a multitude of thinking styles.

  • Learn foundations of effective thinking at the workplace.

  • Understand creative thinking affects problem solving, decision making, performance and results.

  • Increase confidence and accountability in quality problem solving.

  • Recognise creative thinking methods, processes and applications.

  • Learn to break thought patterns by diversifying various thinking applications.

  • Remove creative thinking barriers that impede creative problem solving.

  • Understand creativity is the critical foundation to organisational innovation.

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