In any organisation where people works together to implement any projects, they’re bound to face certain problems in course of it. Problem solving can be a major challenge for many organisation. How to solve problems and make decisions more effectively with people is an important skills in business and life.

This course has been specially designed for the participants to appraise, examine and diagnose systematically a problem situation and to generate actions utilising analytical tools. Problem solving using the Situational Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis and Potential Problem Analysis approach which is team oriented and promotes an orderly method that helps avoid missing critical steps in the problem advising process.

Effective decision making process is another important trait all high performers have that distinguish them with the mediocre.In this experiential approach course participants are taught how to be effective in any decision making process for them to have great achievements.


  • Upon completion of this programme, the participants should be able to :-

  • Understand the systematic framework for identifying, analysing and solving work related problems

  • Familiarise themselves with effective tools and techniques to be used in creative problem solving

  • Apply the PDCA methodology and the 8-Step PSDM framework in creatively resolving problems

  • Undertake data collection, data analysis, data evaluation and conclusion based on the collected data/facts

  • Enhance their knowledge and experience in identifying the root causes of the problems, and propose suitable actions to irradiate the problem

  • Propose effective solutions and plan alternative implementation plans

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