6 Thinking Hats & Mind Mapping


Our brain is a wonderful resource, but in many everyday situations we only access part of it. Mind mapping is a visual method for transferring information and ideas onto paper. Mind mapping uses the creative resources of the intuitive right brain and the analytical strengths of the logical left brain to give us an efficient means of recording information and a highly stimulating tool for generating creative ideas. It combines colour, image, space and language to give us a physical, emotional and intellectual relationship with our thinking. As a result it makes both our experience and recording of our thinking highly memorable.

Mind mapping can be used for planning presentations, recording notes from meetings, designing training courses, planning projects, brainstorming, ordering information and any form of creative endeavour. Whereas the Six Thinking Hats is a powerful thinking technique, which is very effective in harnessing the abilities and capabilities of individuals and organizations in:


  • Utilising the existing intelligence potential in an optimal manner

  • Fostering quality thinking in organisations

  • Enhancing idea generation and improving perceptions

  • Achieving quantity thinking outcomes in a systematic manner

  • Overcoming obstacles which hinder planning and decision making

  • Encouraging cooperation and teambuilding in organisations in the area of thinking. 

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